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Have Great, Fun - Make Great, Money !

Surfside Studios and Productions is based on the Gold Coast / Brisbane Australia. Have photographed over 730 male models over the past 17 years. We specialise in featuring Australian Athletes/Sportsmen and other fit guys, 18 to 27 who are into health and fitness.

Surfside has a high standard that has been forged over the past 17 years. Many of our models are guys that have never thought they were good enough to model. Many of our applicants are:- Personal Trainers - Surfers - Surf Life Savers - - Footballers AFL/Rugby - ADF Guys - Martial Artists - Tradies - Labourers - Country Guys - Uni Students - Backpackers.

Info-Meetings are held on the Gold Coast and Brisbane. As well as most Australian capital cities. There are many modelling options for you to choose from. We go through all details and options during info meeting, prior to shoot.

You don't require any previous experience.
There are no upfront fees.
Shoot hours/days are flexible.
We pay $200 to $1000 / 2 hour shoot.
One time and ongoing work available.
We provide full direction during the shoot, so you don't feel lost.
There may be opportunity for overseas shoots.

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We only consider applications with all the information we have requested above provided.


Please be patient this may take a couple of minutes to submit.

Shoot Conditions - Action Required

To confirm your attendance to our Shoot Offer text, two things need to be done.
1. Send us a text response to our Shoot Offer confirming your attendance at shoot. By confirming this you are accepting the shoot offer and conditions.
2. To minimise last minute cancellations and No Shows by models. We require a shoot attendance and compliance deposit. $50 needs to be deposited into our account. Westpac Bank Surfside Studios BSB 034215 Account 720801

This needs to be in our account 24 hours prior to shoot. Best to deposit cash into a Westpac bank to make sure credited to our account, immediately and is cleared no later than 24 hours before shoot. On satisfactory conclusion of shoot and all paperwork including release agreed to and signed, by model. The model will be paid their modelling fee and refunded the $50 shoot attendance and compliance fee. If model no shows, cancels within 24 hours of scheduled shoot time, is more than 20 minutes late to a scheduled shoot, they have confirmed. If model cuts shoot short for any reason and/or does not do, what they have agreed to in their application information and/or verbally post filling out of application information and or does not agree and sign all post shoot paperwork including release. The shoot will be cancelled and model will not receive any modelling fee. Additionally the shoot deposit and compliance fee will not be refunded. If $50 fee is not in our account within 24 hours of scheduled shoot we reserve this could cancel the shoot and the model will not get paid a modelling fee. Surfside Studios reserves the right to reschedule or cancel shoot at any time.